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Private Dog Training Lessons

Whether you have a puppy or a grown dog, questions about the best way to proceed are sure to arise. Our private dog training lessons offer you and your family the opportunity to work with your puppy or dog in your home, on the street, or in the park--at a time convenient for you. Even if your dog is having no particular problems, but you are having trouble fitting into our class schedules, private lessons may be right for you. They are available seven days a week from early morning until 8 PM. Call us for details.

Puppies: Get your puppy off on the right paw before any bad habits (yours or his!) creep in. Teaching puppies as early as possible turns them into avid learners -- the more you're willing to teach, the happier they are! Gentle, playful training will help your puppy develop a sound temperament and good manners. We'll address typical puppy problems, such as housebreaking, mouthiness, chewing, etc. We'll also give you information on socialization and exercise (both physical and mental), to get your puppy off to a strong, healthy start.  

Adult Dogs: Private dog training lessons work well for people who prefer working one-on-one with a trainer. Private lessons also work well to address very specific problems. Does your dog's elevator etiquette need improvement? Is he stalking the cat, or lunging out at bicycles and passing dogs? Did he just chew the fringe off your rug? Among the problems we address are housebreaking, aggression, shyness, jumping up on people and furniture, destructive chewing, and excessive barking.  

If you are considering working with us, please read why we use rewards when we train.


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